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Sounding Stone Farm is a half-acre market that produces a mix of vegetables and fruits. We especially love salad greens. Look for spring mix, mustards, bitter greens, edible flowers, herbs, peppers, carrots, and more.  Crops are grown intensively, meaning herbs, flowers, and companion plants are tucked into every spare space. We rarely till our soil in an effort to encourage the soil's natural microbiology. We instead opt for broadforking, flame weeding, and tarping as our methods of "turning in" finished crops. We follow organic practices and use absolutely no synthetic chemicals or herbicides.

Our Story

The farm is owned and operated by Caroline McDonald, a first-generation farmer from Nashville. Caroline cares deeply about quality food and sustainable growing methods, and she believes in their power to nourish people, our community, and the earth. Stephen Hutchins is Caroline's partner. He helps with farmers markets and is the farm's construction guru. Professionally, he is a stone sculptor and artisan mason. His company is Hutchins Stoneworks.